How to Login My Fulfillmen Account

How to Login My Fulfillmen Account ?

1. What is a Fulfillmen account
A Fulfillmen account is used to manage your storage, fulfillment, finance, API integration, and so on.
1). How to manage storage
First, active warehouse BestW

Second, add products

Third, add ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) to add inventory to WMS

2). How to fulfill orders
First, create order one by one or in bulk

Second, submit a draft order

3). How to manage finance

Top up detail


2. How to log in Fulfillmen account
Step 1: Please visit our website click the Login icon shown bellow

Step 2: Input your Fulfillmen ID and password and the verification code as below, then click sign in.

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      Step 1: Please login click the Sign Up button bellow. Step 2: Fill the query bellow. Step 3: Wait for our approval then we will send you an email within 24 hours.
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