How to Create Products in Fulfillmen WMS ?

How to Create Products in Fulfillmen WMS ?

There are 3 options to create products detail in Fulfillmen WMS
Approvals are needed after the products detail submited

1. Create products one by one
      Fill in the data below:
            Product bar code*
            English name*
            Chinese name*
            Declared value [USD]*
            Weight [kg]*
            Length [cm]*
            Width [cm]*
            Height [cm]*
            Customs Code:
            Origin  Brand:
            Battery included*
            Stock Alert quantity*
            Product Image Link:
            Upload Pictures
"SKU"  Must be exactly the same as the SKU in your store and less than 20 characters. Make sure the SKUs are only including Numbers and letters, dont use any spcial characters.
"Product bar code" Make sure less than 20 characters.
"Chinese name"  Some channels Chinese name is mandatory so please use google translater to translate your product name in Chinese, no need 100% accurate but at least use the category Chinese name,                                           contact your sales manager if need.
"Declared value[USD]" This is very important as you might need to pay for the tax if your declared value reached the Tariff Threshold at the destination custom, you can lower the value to avoid it.
"Battery included" If products are battery inside then you need to use battery shipping channel only.
"Product Image Link"  Better add this to our system
"Weight", "Length", "Width", "Height" "Customs Code", "Origin Brand", It would be better if you can provide exact data, if not just make it approximately.
2. Import with excel file 

  1. Download Template
  2. Delete the Chinese in the template
  3. Fill all data inside 

3. Use API to sync your SKUs 
  1.  If you have your own IT team please view this link to develop the functionality to push data to our WMS
  2.  If you are using Shopify or woocommerce please contact your sales manager for help.

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